10 Tips for Exam

School final exams are  round the corner. Here are recommendations by reputed educators  and practices of top performing students on how to approach the exams and tackle the question paper.
  1. Arrive 15 minutes to 30 min earlier. Familiarise your self with the exam venue, your seat, washrooms and take deep breaths to calm yourself just before the question paper is distributed.
  2. Don’t think about exam, study on the way or discuss with friends. Human brain stores information, like a library stores books, during sleep the previous night. Last minute revisions or discussions disturbs this order in the brain and confuses you.
  3. Use power of spoken word to motivate yourself. Tell yourself,yes you can do it. If others can so can you.
  4. Imagine positive outcome of exam results. Imagine receiving awards, admission into your dream college, admiration of your parents, teachers and friends.
  5. Carefully read complete Question paper including all instructions before starting to write answers.
  6. Sometimes examiners deliberately place difficult questions right at the start. Don’t get scared or demotivated. There will be easy questions too in the paper.
  7. Allocate time wisely. The marks allotted to the question are an indicator as to how much time you should spend on it. allot at least 10 to 15 minutes for revision of your answers at the end.
  8. Attempt easy questions first difficult later. This builds confidence to tackle the difficult ones as you go along.
  9. Don’t get carried away and write too much to questions you know well. Answer appropriately after understanding the question and its relative importance indicated by marks allotted.
  10. Never give up. If you know the answer partially write as much as you know. You will get some marks.
To learn more read ” New Age Learning and Reading Skills” by Ajay Aggarwal published by S Chand Group.