Vidya School experience with ‘New Age Learning Skills’

From the principal’s Desk –

“The result of 2013 – 14 was the best as compared to last 10 years result. 94% of the students cleared and were promoted to next class. I even tried with my 10 years old son who is in DPSI. All through the year he scored 100% in science. “

Parents you too can help your children learn and grow.

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How Can Parents Help Their Children Learn and Grow

Apsara Foundation for education’s new initiative, focuses on ways that parents can help children learn and grow.

Parents are often very busy. But if they organize their time, there are many things they can easily do to help their children. For example;

Direction before Efficency

Direction before Efficency

1.Take Advantage of ‘Flexi Hours’ company policy and be home during afternoons.

2.Multi Task and do quiet at- home activities right beside your child while they do their homework.Or you may use the time together in the car. Continue reading

New Age Learning and Reading Skills

Before we get to implementation, maybe it will be useful to understand a bit more about New age learning and reading skills.

In the last 20 years an awesome amount of research has gone into discovering the secrets of the brain on how we remember, retain and recall information. Nature has provided every child with unlimited learning capacity. It is a fallacy that some children are born ‘intelligent’ and others are not.

To be ‘intelligent’ you must use your ‘whole brain’. That is, use both left and right brain to learn.

Next time we shall see how?

What are New Age Learning and Reading Skills?

School education system in India needs overhaul. Amongst other things the way students learn and teachers teach must change. This requires massive effort and investment in training  teachers  New Age Learning and reading skills.

These skills include:

  1. Speed Reading
  2. Preparing Notes as Mind Maps
  3. Developing long term memory using techniques based on recent discoveries on how the brain works.
  4. Managing Study Time

These skills must become part of the regular school curriculums. And ongoing till new and better ways to learn emerge.

The problem is how do we implement this.

I shall share some thoughts next time.