How Can Parents Help Their Children Learn and Grow

Apsara Foundation for education’s new initiative, focuses on ways that parents can help children learn and grow.

Parents are often very busy. But if they organize their time, there are many things they can easily do to help their children. For example;

Direction before Efficency

Direction before Efficency

1.Take Advantage of ‘Flexi Hours’ company policy and be home during afternoons.

2.Multi Task and do quiet at- home activities right beside your child while they do their homework.Or you may use the time together in the car.

3.Make daily routine time for conversing. e.g. while you walk your children to school talk about the unsafe parts of the neighborhood and how they can protect themselves.

4. Ask help from neighbors, senior citizens, grandparents. You can’t do everything yourself.

5.Develop a schedule for your child and yourself. Children need help to plan what, when and how to study at home and to schedule time for extra curriculum activities. Parents can help them learn New Age Learning Skills like Speed Reading, Long Term Memory Techniques, Mind Mapping, Managing Study Time, etc. which saves time and help achieve academic excellence.

Learning to ‘Manage Time’ will help you articulate your goals and use digital tools to prioritize and schedule. APSARA FOUNDATION conducts workshops to teach these new age Skills. For more information

1 thought on “How Can Parents Help Their Children Learn and Grow

  1. Time management skills are a must not only for students, but parents as well. Ajay is totally correct, In my position as a high school principal it is quickly evident which students have parents who are involved in their child’s education and those that are not. If your children see you using these same techniques, it will bring validity to what your teaching them. Thanks Ajay for your awesome blog.

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